Above & Below - Forever Entertainment S.A.

NewsIt's the air combat scroller you waited for. Become a heroic German pilot in stormy times of 1914. Take the helm of a Fokker plane the best machine of the time. Be a part of many WWI missions. Assist german army and clear the foreground for it. Upgrade your plane with armor and better guns to become the ultimate terror of the skies. Use special ammo and skills to gain leverage. Shoot down hundreds of enemy fighters. And ultimately – become The Red Baron, the best fighter of your era!

Can you handle this responsibility?

- World War I plane combat action game.
- Multiple types of enemies with different behavior.
- Leveling up system with additional weapons and boosts.
- Several power-ups to change the player shooting style.
- Cumulating and tap activated power-ups.
- Additional skins for the players plane
- Additional skins for the players plane.
- Boss levels
- Buy additional armor, weapons, and many other things to increase the fun.
- Many achievements.
- Super weapons with combo mechanics.

Above & Below runs best on iPhone 3GS or newer