Arcadroid - Forever Entertainment S.A.

NewsCome back to classic ideas in a new, glamorous graphic design! Combining the best of old ideas and new technologies, our game provides many hours of entertainment, enriched by elements of tactics and combat, bound together by a deep storyline – try it, and you'll see that some things are eternal!


Become a captain of a stellar minesweeper. Stellar tracks and fleet career are waiting for you. Cosmic pirates, rebels and bloodthirsty aliens- all of them use mine fields floating in the airspace during the fight. Although it may seem that the role of a sapper is less spectacular than a fighter aircraft pilot but it is de-minig of road leading to the rear of the enemy that has a crucial meaning in a combat! And you have to do this in the heart of the battle, in the meteorite shower and among the floating remains of crushed spaceships. A challenge is waiting for you!

- Wonderful, colourful cosmic views
- Two control methods also with an accelerometer
- Absorbing story line
- 21 stages where new attractions are waiting for you
- A lot of achievements to gain
- The fate of terrestrial civilization is in danger!
- And you can help in that galactic war!

Arcadroid runs best on iPhone 3GS or newer. Arcadroid HD runs best on iPad or iPad 2.